Shan Goshorn
6” X 6” X 11.25”
Arches watercolor paper splints printed with archival inks, acrylic pain

The administration of the tribal hospital in Cherokee, North Carolina wrote the Cherokee Guiding Principles, a governing document based on traditional Cherokee values which are implemented into daily patient care by the hospital staff. I have reprinted this document on the horizontal pale blue splints and combined it with with a contemporary writing by a member of the Cherokee Nation (rust splints) who has recounted what it means to live life as a Cherokee. His thoughts were written in the Cherokee syllabary but printed using a recently developed Cherokee computer font, demonstrating how the tribe adapts to modern methods while still retaining legacy.

This piece is representative of the way that culture adapts and changes but can still remain relevant based on the traditional values of our ancestors. The pattern is a traditional one called “Fishbone” but I am interpreting it to represent the forward movement of Indian people.